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TRUE Health & Wellness

There are no quick fixes.

If we want our lives to change, we have to do the work.

TRUE Health & Wellness
Looking to create true, lasting change to your health?

During these crazy times, many of us might be stressed out, eating too much and not exercising or sleeping enough. Do you want quick weight loss? The secret to a perfect body? Well . . . the truth is there is no quick fix and there is no such thing as a perfect body. It’s about overall health.


I’m here to help. 

Meet Catherine
Nutrition & Wellness Coach

As a writer, fitness enthusiast and mother of two boys who has suffered from emotional eating, food sensitivities and health issues, I have spent decades searching for answers when I finally decided to study nutrition. As a certified nutrition coach, I help people make better choices whether they need to find balance, lose weight, manage chronic illness, limit the effects of hormone imbalance, aging, stress or emotional eating. In addition, I help adults and kids live with ADHD, autoimmune conditions and food allergies. 

TRUE Health & Wellness

Whether online or in person, I can help you find balance and make better choices, working with your doctor.

  • private and group coaching  

  • events

  • community  

  • corporate & editorial writing services 

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"I've known Catherine for many years and I’m always in awe of Catherine's ability to connect with each person and go deep into the heart of the matter. Even with people who are completely strangers, she has a deep level of connection and empathy that transforms the entire work dynamics. It's a pleasure to work with Catherine. She is a great thinker, has excellent business acumen, resourceful and enjoys collaboration, all with a great attitude and passion for what she does. For anyone looking for a coach, Catherine earns my highest recommendation.”


- Leticia Moreinos Schwartz

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